Elizabeth Sawin speaks on multisolving in two new podcasts

In two new podcasts, Multisolving Institute Founder and Director Elizabeth Sawin talks multisolving and system thinking. Read below to learn more. Dumbo Feather Elizabeth Sawin: scientist, systems thinker, multi solver “Multisolving is the idea that you can use one investment of time or money or energy to solve more than one problem at one time. So, in […]

Multisolving in the news – March 2022

March was a busy month for multisolving, with our work showing up in multiple op-eds written by Multisolving Institute Director, Dr. Elizabeth Sawin, as well as an interview conducted by Matt Simon of Wired. Explore below for more information. Op-ed: We must adapt to climate change. Can we do it in ways that solve other problems […]

ICYMI: Multisolving to Address Climate Change, Health, Equity and More

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our webinar, Multisolving to Address Climate Change, Health, Equity and More, on Wednesday, March 9 2022. For those unable to attend, we have provided links to both the recording and the Powerpoint slides below. Access webinar recording. Passcode: .yU&EF78 View PPT slides. Be sure to sign up […]

John Sterman on multisolving for effective offsets

Image shows blue sky with green high rise buildings shrouded in trees, like an urban forest

In an op-ed published by Market Watch, John Sterman of MIT Sloan includes multisolving on his list of criteria that carbon offset programs must meet to effectively combat climate change.  “Many offset programs are based on dubious assumptions,” Sterman argues. “To truly cut emissions, offsets must be AVID+: Additional, Verifiable, Immediate, Durable —, and help meet other societal goals (the […]

Youth from the Global South reflect on multisolving

Young leaders from the Global South came together in a three-part conversation to reflect on incorporating multisolving into climate action and recovery. Their far-ranging exploration touches on how gender equity, poverty, a circular economy, climate adaptation, and emissions reductions all fit in with the practice of multisolving. In the run up to COP-26, Youth Climate […]

On the climate activist’s New Year’s resolution list: multisolving

UK based free-lance journalist Ella Glover asked climate activists for the best strategies to help tackle climate change in 2022. Multisolving made the list! From getting educated about climate change to moving your money to a bank that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels, the activists had lost of great suggestions. Eating more sustainably was one of […]

Online funders hub features multisolving

Investing at the Frontlines of Climate Change is a funder toolkit for those working at the intersection of health, climate change, and equity. We are thrilled to see that it emphasizes a multisolving approach. The toolkit is the work of funder groups,  including: the Environmental Grantmakers Association, the Biodiversity Funders Group, the Climate and Energy […]